Is your conservatory regularly abandoned as soon as the weather changes? Perhaps your garden is overlooked and you want some more privacy? If you answered yes to any of the above, it could be time to replace your conservatory roof.


What’s wrong with my current roof?

If you’ve had your conservatory for a number years, chances are it has a polycarbonate roof. A popular material due to its affordability, it’s no longer a long-lasting or reliable option for conservatory roofs. It has low levels of insulation which lets the cold in during the winter and turns your conservatory into a greenhouse in the summer. You’ll be familiar with a polycarbonate roof’s lack of sound insulation if you’ve ever sat in your conservatory when it’s raining. The sound seems amplified and doesn’t create the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere you want in a conservatory.

Tiled roof conservatory builder


Benefits of a replacement conservatory roof

  • The thermal insulation they offer is second to none. This gives you a warmer conservatory that you can comfortably use all year round
  • With a solid tiled roof, your conservatory will be kept shaded from the sun and you can also maintain some privacy if your garden is overlooked
  • With a tiled roof you can match with the rest of your home and let a continuous feel flow with the same decor inside and out
  • A new replacement conservatory roof will be completely weatherproof and strong to give you a long-lasting room you will love using for years
  • Keep unwanted noise like the wind and rain out of your home
  • A new glass roof will give you crystal clear views of the gorgeous sky as well as a room full of light. A solid roof can have skylights to add some light and fresh air
  • Bring your conservatory back to life with a new feel and the whole family will love using it again
  • Add value to your home with an efficient and attractive conservatory

Our tiled roofs

We supply high-quality tiled roof systems that are perfect for existing conservatories as well as new ones. With a U-value of 0.18, draughts will never be a problem in your conservatory and you can enjoy the perfect temperature all year. Suitable with any style and shape of conservatory, they can add the wow factor to your home. There are various colour options for you tiles including Brick Red and Walnut and these tiles are seven times lighter than traditional tiles.

Renaissance conservatory with a supalite tiled roof 5

Convert conservatory roof to tiles

If you’re wondering whether you can convert your existing conservatory roof into a tiled one, you’ve come to the right team. We specialise in doing just that! It’s a process that we can carry out efficiently and your extension will be all the better for it.

Our glass roofs

Our replacement glass roofs let enough of the sun in to give you a light-filled and welcoming room without overheating. With far superior insulation and efficiency compared to polycarbonate, heat is reflected so that it will stay inside. We also use tinted glass to keep glare from the sun at a minimum. With dirt-repelling technology, these roofs are easy to look after and keep looking good.

White uPVC gable conservatory


Replacement conservatory roofs in Torquay, Exeter, and the surrounding area

Renaissance conservatories are approved installers of conservatories, orangeries, windows, doors and more! We offer high-quality home improvement solutions across Devon and the South West. See our client work in our gallery and see how we can transform your home today.


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