Do tiled conservatory roofs work?

Replacing a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with our tiled roof system will transform your glazed extension into a space you can use all year round. But what conservatory roof is the best? The Supalite roof is one of the best-tiled conservatory roof options available, which is why we’re so proud to be an approved installer of it. The sleek design and many practical features it boasts makes it the obvious answer to all your conservatory roof needs. Check out one of our case studies for our tiled conservatory roofs!

As well as keeping your conservatory at the perfect temperature all year round with U-values of 0.18, this roof system eliminates unwanted noise from the wind and rain. Your conservatory will feel like a natural extension of your home and can be used for everything from a playroom to a dining room. Make your conservatory your favourite room again with a tiled conservatory roof!

Still not convinced? Here are 3 benefits to replacing your conservatory roof! 


Do you need planning permission for a tiled roof on a conservatory?

The majority of modern conservatories can have solid, tiled, or even a new glazed roof installed, without the need for planning permission as they are covered under permitted development rights. However, if you live in a conservation area in Devon you may need to obtain planning permission from your local authority before starting your conservatory roof project. For more information, have a look at the planning portal. 


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