The Liniar conservatory roof is crafted to handle the worst of the Devon climate. The roof’s precision-engineered and rigid construction eliminates leaks. This keeps water and the elements at bay and effortlessly achieving A+ standards of thermal efficiency. Glass roofs often have the perception of letting in the cold air, but we can assure you that when we install your glass conservatory roof, you will be able to use it all year round. The Liniar conservatory roof truly breaks the conservatory stereotype of “too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter”. We’re proud to offer these market-leading roofs to homeowners across Devon.

Liniar’s conservatory roof system stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the UK market. Bursting with ingenious concepts, impressive attributes, and patented breakthroughs, it offers both ease and speed in installation. This empowers our installers to provide customers with an appealing, high-performance, and watertight roofing solution.

Notably, Liniar’s conservatory roof is distinctive for including glass as a standard feature. This eliminates the additional complexities, expenses, and the potential for errors associated with ordering glass separately. Consequently, it contributes to enhancing conservatories, making them enjoyable year-round for homeowners. The Liniar brand is synonymous with exceptional engineering, style, and continuous innovation, all underpinned by the latest technology to deliver the most energy-efficient glazed roof system in the UK today.

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