Combating extreme temperatures is the reason so many are interested in lightweight tiled conservatory roofs.

However, when getting a new conservatory roof installed, there is a danger of getting a cheap cladover job that can depreciate your home’s value and, at worst, cause serious structural damage to your conservatory.

So what is a cladover? Why are they dangerous? And how do you spot one before it’s too late?

What is a cladover?

A cladover is when an installer uses cheap timber, basic tiles, and risky plasterboard on the interior of your conservatory roof and disguises it as an authentic insulation job. They do this by removing the old polycarbonate sheets in the conservatory and attaching timber battens to the pre-existing roof, then plastering over the evidence.

They do not install a new roof, and in some scenarios, they may even simply sandwich the new battens in between the polycarbonate sheets.
If an installer offers you conservatory cladding made from cheap materials, they are not providing a proper service and are putting your conservatory at risk.

woman concerned about cladovers

Why is a cladover dangerous?

What exactly is the risk of getting a cheap cladover? You’ve saved some money, isn’t that the most important thing? Unfortunately, the dangers that cladovers pose will most likely cost you much more over time. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest problems cladovers cause:

Cladovers can cause conservatory collapse

Adding all that extra timber and plaster to the original uPVC or aluminium structure can be too much weight for your conservatory to bear. Heavy rain or snowfall could cause the roof to bend, or maybe even collapse.

A cladover provides no insulation

A cladover will not offer any additional insulation to your roof and increases the risk of your conservatory being unhabitable in the Summer and Winter months.

A cladover can lead to a leaky roof

The cheap plastering of a cladover will always be susceptible to cracking, and could cause your conservatory to leak at the first heavy rainfall after installation.

Cladovers cause sell-on issues

Nobody will want to buy a home with a conservatory facing any of the above problems. This is where a cladover can prove most costly, losing you thousands of hard-earned pounds.

man concerned about cladovers

How do I avoid getting a cladover?

There are several things you can look for in an installer to make sure you don’t get ripped off.

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Overly cheap quotes

If a quote seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be vigilant for suspiciously cheap quotes and materials, particularly if they’re paired with a short warranty or no warranty at all! This is a sure sign that the final product will not be built to last.

Fake logos

Some installers will trick you into believing they’re using branded material from trusted providers, then just pop down their local supplies shop instead. Look out for illegitimate logos on any site you browse!


If you’re getting a new conservatory roof installed and you spot the installer bringing a larger amount of timber to the site, this is a red flag that you’re not getting what you paid for!Internal view of a Supalite roof

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Let’s beat cladovers together!


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