A roof lantern is a very popular option when it comes to home improvements. There are a wide range of reasons why they can improve a property, not only in aesthetics but in performance as well. One of their main features and benefits is the massively increased amount of natural light that they allow to flood into a property.

This can not only save energy through cutting costs on electrical lighting and potentially adding value to your home, but it can also improve general health with the additional sunlight exposure. So while there are many benefits to be had when it comes to installing a roof lantern, is planning permission required?

Planning permission and Building Regulations for roof lanterns

Large white uPVC lantern roof interior viewDue to their typical protruding height, roof lanterns can sometimes require planning permission in order to be installed. A roof lantern will often need planning permission if is being installed within an existing flat roof. They are less likely to need permission if they are part of a new build or extension. While that particular factor can vary, there are a number of factors that eliminate the need for permission to be required:

  • The roof lantern itself cannot be any higher than the apex of the existing roof
  • Any roof lantern (and related windows) placed at a side elevation roof slope have to use obscure glazing
  • Roof lanterns (and related windows) cannot go beyond 150mm above the sloping pane of the existing roof
  • Unless the height is at least 170cm above the floor, no roof openings should be present

In terms of Building Regulations, it will likely be needed to be inspected and passed by building control if you are installing within an existing roof. The roof lantern and the opening will need to meet current requirements for thermal efficiency and will need to have a strong structure. If the roof lantern will form a part of a new property, building or extension then it is likely it will fall within the regulations for the wider project.

Are roof lanterns a good idea?

If you are looking at a stylish way of adding a considerable amount of natural light into your home, then a roof lantern is indeed a great idea. Certainly, with the roof lanterns that we provide at Renaissance Conservatories, there are a host of benefits available. Our Elevate roof lanterns from Liniar are market-leading when it comes to being energy efficient. The manufacturing process begins from square one each time, helping to achieve high levels of thermal performance to keep heat in your home.
Black uPVC lantern roof

The Elevate roof lantern is also regularly approved by independent tests and is made with inbuilt security features, making it safe and secure for South Devon properties. An innovative and ever-improving product, the Liniar frames are guaranteed not to discolour, warp or split for a minimum of ten years, giving you peace of mind that their aesthetics will be kept up with ease.

Enhance your South Devon property with a stunning roof lantern from Renaissance Conservatories

Our offering of roof lanterns truly is some of the best available, given the impressive features of the Liniar range. Contact us today on 01626 333393 to get started on your next home improvement project, whether it be a roof lantern or one of our stunning conservatories or orangeries, or get a free online quote.

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