Is your conservatory left standing empty most of the year, as it’s too cold in winter and boiling hot in summer? Perhaps you’re suffering from condensation or even a leak? It’s often the case that conservatories end up being ignored and the space is wasted due to a lack of modern design or decent insulation.

In this blog, we will look at the difference a new conservatory roof can make, and which type would be most suited to your Devon home.Aluminium Conservatory in Newton Abbot


Many conservatories are older and so haven’t benefitted from more modern updates such as double glazed roofing, meaning that they perform very poorly when it comes to thermal insulation. One of the main problems with conservatories is their ability to conserve or filter heat in the warmer or cooler months.

At Renaissance Conservatories we use a brand called Liniar, which helps us to achieve A+ thermal efficiency ratings which will keep your Devon conservatory at an ideal temperature all year round, helping to reduce your home’s overall energy use and having a positive effect on the environment with lower carbon emissions.Liniar conservatory roof interior


As well as making it warmer and more useable, increasing the thermal efficiency of your conservatory will also save you money on your energy bills – a huge bonus considering the current cost of living.

A conservatory roof replacement will prevent the room from needless extra heating requirements, and could add value to your property rather than hindering you when you come to sell. This solution causes minimal problems for you and your family and is far quicker and more cost effective than having a whole new conservatory or extension built.

As well as filtering heat, the glazing we use repels dirt, meaning less money will need to be spent on window cleaning.uPVC gable conservatory with a glass roof


Traditionally, the conservatory has always been a separate sunroom used as an additional living room. However, with modern interior architectural and design trends this is now changing, and what better excuse to change the style or use of your conservatory than when replacing its roof.

Instead of creating a separate room which is more likely to go unused, depending on the layout of your home and how much work you’re willing to have done, it may be that it becomes an extension of your existing living area or kitchen.

Different styles of roof can be installed to maximise light for different purposes – perhaps you’re a budding artist or plant enthusiast. Or maybe it’s the perfect place to curl up with a book and take in the view of your garden. We are also able to install new roofs on lean-to conservatories, so a larger extension isn’t a must for those with limited space available.Grey uPVC lean to conservatory interior view


If you’re thinking of replacing your conservatory roof, you might use the opportunity to consider installing tiled roofing as an alternative to glass.

A tiled roof will be even more thermally efficient than double glazing, with a super low U-value of 0.18W/m2K due to its thickness, and the option to add loft insulation to increase thermal performance even further, saving you money on your energy bills. At Renaissance Conservatories, we use SupaLite, which also offers more privacy and blocks external noise pollution better than a traditional glass roof.

As well as having many practical advantages, tiled conservatory roofs offer a different aesthetic, with many style choices available, and can give the appearance of a more permanent part of your existing property.White uPVC conservatory with a grey tiled roof


Another benefit of replacing your conservatory roof, is having the option to change the type of glass used depending on your personal requirements. Below are the three main options that we offer to help customers get the most out of their glass roofed conservatories.

  • BLUE GLASS – The blue tint helps with filtering heat and glare from the sun, keeping your conservatory’s temperature at optimal levels year round.
  • AQUA GLASS – A greener tint can improve the aesthetic of your conservatory’s glass, setting off the colours of your garden. At Renaissance Conservatories we offer a Climate Aqua Sunshield, which combines both blue and green and the benefits they have to offer in terms of filtering the sun’s rays.
  • CLEAR/NEUTRAL GLASS – The best choice if you’re looking for glass that will be an exact match to the rest of the windows in your property, we offer the Climate Neutral Sunshield which provides customers with the benefit of high-level insulation and self-cleaning abilities without the stylistic choice of a coloured tint. This particular option is ideal for conservatories that may not have access to as much natural light.Chartwell green conservatory with a glass roof


Interested in replacing an outdated polycarbonate or glazed conservatory roof? Whether you want to transform your conservatory or orangery space with a solid roof replacement or need expert advice on a new conservatory project, Renaissance Conservatories will be able to provide a professional service. Get in touch to book an appointment or for a more personal touch give us a call on 01626 333 393 to discuss your requirements further with one of our experienced advisors or get a quote here!

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