Interior view of a glass conservatory roof with an irish oak coloured frame
The use of glass in conservatories has become considerably more popular as homeowners look for a solution to help enjoy their conservatories year-round. Previously, many such extensions were installed with polycarbonate roofs. This option did not provide the needed benefits that were sought when it came to building extra living space for usage throughout the year. There are a number of options when it comes to the colour of the glass in each conservatory roof, each with its own benefits and advantages.

What roof colour options are available for conservatory roofs?

Blue glass

Blue glass is an effective option to install a conservatory with because it helps significantly in terms of reducing glare and heat from the sun. The tint itself is fairly subtle and will barely be noticed, but the benefits certainly will be. With blue-tinted glass, gone are the days where conservatories would become unbearably hot. The blue helps to filter out the scorching rays of the sun and brings the temperature down to a more comfortable level. It works especially well when there is a large amount of light, even if the clouds may interrupt.

Aqua glass

Aqua coloured glass brings more of a warming green tinge to a conservatory roof, providing a pleasant tone that can easily complement the surrounding garden area. The Climate Aqua Sunshield provides a blue and green tint and helps significantly when it comes to solar reflection.

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Clear/neutral glass

If you want to opt for a glass colour then a clear option is likely going to be a solid choice. With its neutral appearance, you can seamlessly balance the overall aesthetic of your home’s glazing with your conservatory roof. The Climate Neutral Sunshield still provides top quality insulation and self-cleaning properties, but without any coloured tint. It is great for conservatories where the sunlight exposure is typically reduced.

Is a glass roof good for a conservatory?

Interior view of a uPVC conservatory and glass roof
Particularly when compared to older polycarbonate roofs, there is a host of reasons as to why glass roofs are a fantastic option for conservatories. For example, there is a considerable reduction in noise with glass roofs, especially when it rains. The insulation that double glazed roofs provide means that there is some built-in soundproofing, particularly useful if you are situated near a busy road or want to hold a gathering.

The glass roofs that we offer here at Renaissance add a lot of convenience to Devon homeowners, as the self-cleaning glass means that maintenance is kept to a minimum. It also means you won’t have to spend time up a ladder or trying to figure out the best way to reach those tricky spots as often.

With the incorporation of additional glass, the exposure to natural light in the conservatory is significantly enhanced. This proves to be particularly advantageous as it creates a well-lit environment while minimizing glare, thanks to the remarkable properties of the glass utilized. When it comes to selecting the best glass for a conservatory roof, careful consideration must be given to various factors. Factors such as thermal efficiency, solar control, and durability play a crucial role in determining the ideal glass option. By opting for a high-quality glass that excels in these aspects, one can ensure an optimal balance of ample natural light, reduced glare, and enhanced energy efficiency in their conservatory.

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