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Often, the material that you choose for a conservatory installation will make all the difference when it comes to whether you will be able to fully enjoy your extension all year or not.

Some materials, such as polycarbonate, may be more budget-friendly but they are unlikely to be able to offer the same benefits as glass. Glass itself, for example, is able to offer a significant improvement in both lifespan and noise reduction.

Climate glass uses the latest technology

With Climate glass, the latest technology is used to ensure that conservatories installed using the product will be perfectly set up to perform throughout the year. There is a heavy emphasis placed on making sure that the damaging UV rays are reduced, thus reducing the risk of fabrics and furnishings fading.

Also, the Climate glass focuses on a combination of solar reflection and thermal insulation to provide a high-quality product to protect any conservatory. As a result, glare on the conservatory is reduced and the structure is a lot warmer during the winter months, helping to save money on heating bills.

In terms of maintenance and general cleanliness, Climate glass features a self-clean coating which helps to ensure that any sort of dirt is effectively washed away.

Climate glass is available in five options

Climate Ecoclean Clear

This is a simple choice if you are after an insulated glass unit where heat exposure is acceptable. With its dual self-cleaning coating, this is a great choice for anywhere that counts light transmission as a vital element.

Climate Ecoclean Blue

Being too hot in the summer will be a thing of the past with this option, as the Ecoclean Blue reflects more than 60% of solar energy from the sun as well as reducing solar glare. Low emissivity (low-E) glass is used in tandem with an argon gas filling to provide double the insulation standard double glazing would give.

Climate Ecoclean Neutral Sunshield

The Neutral Sunshield is similar to the Blue in the sense that it provides the same self-cleaning and insulation properties, minus the tint. It works well with conservatory side frames and installations with a reduction in sunlight exposure.

Climate Ecoclean Blue Sunshield

The Blue Sunshield can reflect up to 80% of solar heat when manufactured with Climate 4S and provides solar control properties and self-cleaning technology.

Climate Ecoclean Aqua Sunshield

The Aqua Sunshield comes with a green/blue tint and is able to deflect up to 78% of solar energy from the sun. Also, it improves insulation through the combination of argon gas and warm edge technology.



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