If windows are the eyes to the home, then equally important to a conservatory’s makeup and general vibe is the roof. After all, it’s the element than most influences the extended living space’s overall appearance, also playing a crucial role in keeping the environment warm seeing as heat rises upwards. That’s why next year is as good a time as any, whether you’re a homeowner wanting to revitalise your existing conservatory or install a new one, to think about the best modern conservatory roof ideas.

Odds are you’re starting with a blank slate, though, so it’s in this area that we here at Renaissance are happy to help. Below are several modern conservatory roof ideas for 2023/24 to really make you appreciate your extended living space next year, primed to give you some inspiration.

Supalite Brown Tiled Roof

Light up the way with a conservatory lantern roof

Lantern roofs are called as such for a reason, being a relatively easy and hassle-free way to let in natural light from above. It differs from a traditional fully glazed conservatory roof because it’s able to let the rays in from multiple angles, giving your extended living space the best chance possible at staying bright and breezy all year round. Lantern roofs are constructed using elevated panels situated in the centre of a new or existing conservatories. Plus, their incredibly slim sight lines and impressive performance makes them an ideal modern conservatory roof idea for 2023.

Every lantern roof installed by the team here are Renaissance come engineered in lightweight and strong aluminium, chosen for its ability to withstand a large amount of glazing. This ensures it can provide maximum light levels, all without compromise. It’s not just one shape you have to stick with either. Lantern roofs represent the height of conservatory modernity in how they can be installed in almost any bespoke style, too, perfect for homeowners with a specific shape or colour in mind. Regardless, with a lantern roof your conservatory will be spoiled with lashings of natural light entry.

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uPVC edwardian conservatory with a brown tiled roof

Coat the space in Dulux’s 2023 colour of the year

Dulux know a thing or two about setting a mood, so much so that every year they name an official colour of the year to help inspire homeowners. Next year’s official colour was recently named Wild Wonder, described as a “positive, glowing tone, inspired by the natural world”. In real terms it’s a sandy tone that we think best sums up that period of time between Summer as we head into the Autumn. It’s a good mood to be in, so why not incorporate Dulux’s colour of the year into your 2023 modern conservatory plans?

If you’re a conservatory homeowner lucky enough to have a solid interior, a coating of Wild Wonder could go nicely with the space’s existing surroundings. Or better yet, you might want to use this as a base or jumping off point to completely overhaul the area’s designs. Pillows, chairs, and tables that all fit into this Wild Wonder theme offered by Dulux could help make your conservatory feel more homely, rendering it a more inviting space to be in 365 days a year.

White uPVC gable conservatory with a glass roof

Balance the glazing benefits with Climate Glass

In addition to letting natural light in, there are plenty of important factors to look for with the type of glazing you choose. Sometimes this means prioritising solar reflection over thermal insulation or vice versa, but we at Renaissance don’t think clients should have to compromise, and so are always happy to heap praise upon Climate Glass. It’s quickly becoming the country’s go-to choice for conservatories due to its ability to improve the space’s year-round use, hence why Climate Glass is one of the 2023 modern conservatory trends to watch.

Climate Glass quite literally creates a new climate within the confines of a conservatory, combining solar reflection and thermal insulation properties to help better reduce glare and damaging UV rays. This should help offer homeowners better peace of mind, knowing that any conservatory furniture will be better protected against fabric fading. You can enjoy generous natural light entry while knowing that the interior style won’t be disrupted or affected over time. Plus, climate glass is self-cleaning, so any gathered dirt and grim will be organically washed away.

Get your 2023 off to a good start with conservatory ideas from Renaissance

Hopefully that’s helped provide some inspiration that’ll come in useful by the time the new year arrives. If there’s another 2023 modern conservatory idea you’d like to discuss with a member of the team, feel free to get in touch using our online form. We’d be happy to provide a free quote.

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