Bespoke Orangeries: The Ultimate Luxury Living

Are you searching for the perfect way to expand your living space luxuriously and elegantly in Brixham? Consider the allure of traditional orangeries, specifically glazed roof orangeries. These architectural wonders seamlessly blend the charm of a conservatory with the full design and status symbol of a home extension built to a high standard. Inspired by Mediterranean design, traditional kitchen orangeries feature a harmonious blend of glazing, solid brick pillars, and brickwork, ensuring you enjoy breathtaking views while basking in the comfort of a room that truly feels like an integral part of your home with a touch of grandeur.

But what sets orangeries apart? It’s their exceptional range of features and protection against the elements that transform your orangery into a versatile new space, offering a choice of Upvc, Aluminium or slate options to suit your needs.

In South Devon, where the coastal climate can be unpredictable, orangeries provide a serene haven to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home thanks to the glazed structure. They are indeed an appealing alternative to traditional conservatories.

So, if you’re ready to extend your living space in Brixham with sophistication and elegance, explore the world of orangeries. Discover how these architectural gems can elevate your lifestyle, offering a unique blend of luxury and practicality with minimal aftercare required once installed by our expert joinery team. Welcome the beauty of South Devon into your home with an orangery that captures the essence of Mediterranean charm from the 17th century while providing a greenhouse-like environment to enjoy year-round.

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