When installing or replacing a conservatory roof, there are several factors worth considering. These include the type of roof that suits you best, with more choice than ever when it comes to styles, materials, and energy-efficient options.

Conservatories are beautiful additions to any home, helping to blend indoors and outdoors by letting natural light into a living space that can be used to relax, work, or for anything you wish for.

However, a poorly chosen roof can ruin your conservatory experience, making it uncomfortable, impractical, and sometimes even expensive to maintain.

This blog will run you through the options available to you when it comes to a new conservatory roof and the logistics that come with it.

White uPVC victorian conservatory with a brown tiled replacement conservatory roofs

What are common issues with conservatory roofs?

Several inconveniences can come with an outdated or faulty conservatory roof.

Older polycarbonate roofs especially can be susceptible to poor temperature regulation. This often means they are too cold to utilise in the winter months, but too hot in the summer months.

As we know, the UK and particularly coastal Devon experiences a lot of rain, which can create an unbearable racket on an outdated or poorly selected roof, causing disturbance when working remotely or hosting friends.

They can also be less secure, with a tendency to leak. This is where you’ll appreciate having a proper roof, whether you have an old conservatory or new.

What are the main benefits of a good conservatory roof?

A good conservatory roof can transform your conservatory experience, thanks to some of these benefits.

Improved thermal performance

Improved thermal performance can translate to all-around comfort and cheaper energy bills. A well-insulated, high-performing conservatory roof will help keep your space warmer in those winter months by retaining heat, and cooler in the summer.

At Renaissance Conservatories, we utilise the market-leading Celsius glass, which minimises glare by up to 68% to keep the temperature more pleasant on hotter days.

After all, why go to the effort of installing and paying for a conservatory only for it to be unusable for half of the year?

This retention of heat can also help you save money on your energy bills, by using radiators and electric heaters less.

White uPVC conservatory with a tiled roof

Lower maintenance

Whilst there is an initial upfront cost for putting a roof on a conservatory, it won’t just be the energy bills where you’ll be saving money.

You are far less likely to have to pay maintenance costs for a quality conservatory roof, especially compared with outdated and problematic polycarbonate materials.

As well as saving financially, not having to regularly maintain your conservatory roof will save you time, and vital peace of mind.

Add value to your home

A solid conservatory roof can add value to your home thanks to its increased usability and aesthetic appeal.

Allowing your property to fetch a higher price should you ever wish to sell will likely pay back an initial investment, as an impressive conservatory is desirable to most UK buyers.

Improved aesthetics

A smart, modern conservatory roof can also work wonders for your property’s overall aesthetics, whilst helping to give it a new lease of life.

You can choose from seven distinct and varied tile options at Renaissance Conservatories, each with different textures and colours.

This means that you can match your conservatory roof to your home’s existing theme or opt for a visually separate space.

A snowy roof and garden.

What are the different types of conservatory roofs?

Tiled conservatory roof

As the name suggests, tiled conservatory roofs mimic the look of traditional tiled house roofs, blending seamlessly into the main building.

As approved SupaLite installers, we are proud to offer the popular, high-performing SupaLite tiled roof system.

Built with energy efficiency in mind and achieving exceptionally low U-values, they work to prevent heat loss and draughts, ensuring they are comfortable whatever the weather.

Feeling like a true home extension, new tiled roofs are perfect for creating year-round enjoyment.

uPVC victorian conservatory with a brown tiled roof

Glass conservatory roof

Glass conservatory roofs are a great way to let lots of natural light seep into your home, blending the comforts of indoors with the beauty and tranquillity of the great outdoors.

At Renaissance Conservatories, our market-leading Climate glass is reflective, meaning that extreme heat won’t be able to enter your home.

Conversely, with U-values of 0.9, your conservatory will be well protected against the cold as well as the heat, providing excellent thermal efficiency and even sound insulation, particularly beneficial if you live in an area where excessive noise is common.

Our glass also repels dirt, meaning no time-consuming cleaning for you.

White uPVC gable conservatory with a glass roof

Lean-to conservatory roof replacement

Lean-to conservatories are often referred to as sunrooms or garden rooms. They’re typically rectangular and have one long side attached to the main wall of the house with a sloping roof.

They’re extremely flexible and versatile, meaning they can be fitted to properties that have restricted space such as bungalows or terraced houses.

If you currently have a polycarbonate roof that is no longer performing, it can easily be replaced with a lean-to conservatory, with either a solid or tiled roof – with a variety of finishing options ensuring any style can be matched.

White uPVC lean to conservatory with a solid roof

Do you need planning permission for a new conservatory roof?

The good news is that generally, adding a conservatory, or replacing an existing conservatory roof does not require planning permission.

This is because a conservatory is classed as a ‘permitted development,’ though you would need to obtain planning permission if you live in a conservation area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or a world heritage site.

The same can be said if your home has been extended already, and the size of your conservatory can impact whether you need planning permission or not. It’s unlikely, but if it exceeds four metres in height, takes up more than half of the land area around the house, is higher than the house, or extends beyond six metres, or eight metres in a detached house, you may need to gain approval.

Popular conservatory roof questions:

Is it common for older polycarbonate conservatories to have issues with temperature and noise?

Yes, polycarbonate conservatories can struggle with maintaining comfortable temperatures and managing noise pollution. This is primarily a result of their inherent design limitations.

How much does putting a roof on a conservatory cost?

The cost can vary depending on the size, chosen material, colour, complexity of the design, and additional features.

Aluminium Conservatory in Newton Abbot

How long does it take to complete a conservatory roof replacement?

At Renaissance Conservatories, our team of experts aim to complete the roof replacement efficiently within a timeframe that won’t disrupt your daily life.

Will replacing my conservatory roof with an energy-efficient one help reduce my energy bills?

Having an energy-efficient conservatory roof can significantly reduce your energy bills, making the space more cost-effective to heat or cool – it can also maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory to its full potential.

white upvc conservatory with a tiled roof

What features can I add to my conservatory roof?

Roof lights can be a great way to add more light to your conservatory, and additional windows can add more ventilation. Things like integrated heating systems and blinds are also options.

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