According to the police, homes with no security measures set up are 5 times more likely to burgled than those with even the simplest security systems in place. So, if you want expert advice on how to keep your home safe and secure throughout the year, read on…

Spring into action and test your Devon home’s devices

Spring brings the long-awaited end to the darkness of winter. However, don’t get so excited by the longer daylight hours, that you forget about home safety. Take time to walk around your home and pay attention to the following

  • Home security system: If you have a home security system, give it a test run. Make sure it activates when it should. If you don’t have one set up, consider getting one. With the growth of internet technology, home security systems are easily installed. Importantly they are easily controlled through your mobile device, meaning you can keep your eyes on your home no matter where you are.

White uPVC sliding sash windows

  • Smoke detectors: Check your smoke detector works, not by burning the toast, but by pressing the test button! If it doesn’t work, try replacing the battery, if that fails, get a new one. There should be one in place on each floor of your home.
  • Give your windows a thorough inspection inside and out: Do they fit snugly? Is the sealant in tip-top condition? Do the hinges, handles and locks work as they should? If not, it might well be time to consider replacing them. Modern replacement windows are available in a variety of materials, colours, and styles, and provide excellent security for your home.
  • Check your plugs and sockets: Walk around your home looking at your sockets, are they dangerously overloaded? If so, remove any non-essential appliances. Check all plugs and cables. Are the wires free from damage? Do you have any wires trapped under carpets? Remove or replace any faulty appliances, to reduce the risk of a potential fire.

Make Summer a time for safely enjoying the sun

Don’t let the long balmy days of summer, compromise your home’s safety either. If you want to make your home as safe as possible during this sunny season remember to do the following

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  • Windows and doors: Make sure windows are only left wide open if you are in your home. Equally, don’t leave windows wide open at night-time. Where possible fit window limiters. Likewise, don’t leave the back door open whilst your house is unattended. It is easy to get immersed in gardening or nod off whilst sunbathing. Unwelcome visitors are experts at making a quick entrance and exit.
  • We’re all going on a summer holiday: Firstly, resist the urge to advertise on social media that you are away on a family holiday. Whilst it’s nice to show off your family photos on Facebook, you don’t want to tell burglars that no one’s in! Secondly, cancel any regular deliveries that get left outside, such as milk or veggie boxes. Thirdly, use timers on your lights to give the appearance you are in. Smart plugs and light bulbs can all be programmed from your phone. Finally, ask a friendly neighbour to keep a regular check on your property too – and if they are able, they could even park their car on your driveway!

Autumn, the perfect time for preparation

Autumn is the perfect time to get your home as safe as possible for the colder, darker days ahead. Make sure your preparations include the following:

  • Open fires: Do you have an open fire or wood burner? If so, make sure you book in a visit from your local chimney sweep. Un-swept chimneys present a risk for chimney fires and more importantly carbon monoxide poisoning! Furthermore, never leave an open fire burning overnight.
  • Bonfire night: Remember to keep all fireworks safely locked away. Make sure that any bonfires and fireworks are lit a safe distance from your home
  • Front door: Do you have glass panels in your front door? If so, are they fitted with laminated glass? Laminated glass is much harder to break. If you are not sure, consult a double glazing specialist, such as Renaissance Conservatories, who will be able to advise you. A new front door might be a small price to pay for peace of mind!
  • Keep your keys out of sight! Don’t leave keys out on view near windows. Likewise, don’t leave keys near your front door. Thieves can use wires or hooks to try to drag keys through your letterbox.
  • Make your garden work for you: Planting thorny plants around your perimeter, or installing a trellis on your fencing, are perfect ways to deter intruders.

Winter, stay safe whilst celebrating the season

When natural daylight is at its shortest, winter widens the window of opportunities for unwelcome guests. To keep your home as safe as possible make sure you action the following:

  • Lock up day and night: Make sure that all entrances to your home are kept locked, even If you are in the house. If your windows or entrance doors are not locking or shutting securely, seek advice from a double glazing specialist, it might be a vital time to replace them.
  • Don’t leave presents out under the tree: Pretty as presents look, you don’t want to advertise to passing strangers what goodies lie indoors. Likewise, after the big day itself, don’t leave empty boxes out on public display. Crush them down and take them to the tip, rather than advertise what Father Christmas has brought!
  • Smile you’re on camera! No one likes being caught red-handed. Make new technology work for you. Consider purchasing a smart doorbell – they let you see who is at the door all from the comfort of your phone! Don’t forget to ask for ID too. If you weren’t expecting them, don’t let them in.


Hopefully, you have found our expert advice helpful. Stay safe throughout the year, and if we at Renaissance Conservatories can help you with any home improvements, get in contact, and one of our team will be happy to help.


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