A conservatory is a fantastic way to add both value and some much-appreciated extra living space to your household, but some homeowners worry when it comes down to installation. Why? Largely because of a property’s location. One of the most common issues is the presence of drains or sewage panels located near or within where you want to build. This leads us to the question: Can you build a conservatory over a main sewer in a garden?

Building a conservatory over a main sewer

When it comes to building a conservatory (or any type of extension, for that matter) over a main sewer in your garden, there isn’t just one solution. Finding out if you can do so is almost always a case-by-case basis, so our best advice would be to get in touch with your constituency’s local sewage company. They will then be able to advise you whether it’s safe.
It’s always best to gain this consent to avoid problems that might occur in the future without it. For example, in the instance that one day the sewage company ever does require access. A sewage panel lying within your home’s boundaries sadly doesn’t mean building a conservatory over it is always a given.

Which specific approvals do you need to build a conservatory over a main sewer?

Any building work you undertake in your property could require a form of approval, but some of the most common relate to: planning permission, building regulations approval (from the local authority), or your water company’s approval. Often, a conservatory can sometimes fall under the homeowners’ permitted development rights banner, meaning you can proceed without a hitch. However, this doesn’t give you automatic permission to build over a drain.

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Luckily, gaining consent for building over a drain is something they have an official process for as it happens so often. It simply asks you to apply for your build-over agreement online, where you might be asked to submit your extension plans so they can accurately judge whether it’s viable.

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