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Exterior view of a modern glass extension attached to a brick house in South Devon. The extension features floor-to-ceiling glass panels framed in sleek black metal, seamlessly integrating with the house's architecture. The interior reveals a dining area with wooden chairs, and the surrounding garden is lush with vibrant plants and flowers. The scene is set on a sunny day, highlighting the contemporary design and energy-efficient double-glazed windows.

Contemporary Glass Additions, customised for practicality and style, specifically for Eggesford.

  • High performance capacity
  • Cost effective glazing solution
  • Increased floor space
  • Designed with energy efficiency in mind
  • Range of colours and styles available
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What is a glazed extension?

Many homeowners today see modern conservatories as a form of extension, and thats what we offer here at Renaissance Conservatories, in addition to rooms like orangeries. We allow you to make your extension your very own with a range of compatible windows and doors, so your new extension blends in with your main Eggesford property in exactly the way you want it to.
How much glass can I have in an extension?
What is the difference between an extension and a conservatory?
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How much glass can I have in an extension?

The thought may have never crossed your mind, but its actually important to know theres a limit to the amount of glass you can have as part of an extension. Part L of the Building Regulations dictates that the total area of the openings or glazed elements of an extension should take up no more space than 25% of the extensions floor area. Extensions that exceed this ratio are known as an over-glazed extension and when this happens they can be rejected or building control may request justification for the over-glazing. There are many ways to get an over-glazed extension accepted.

Liniar conservatory roof interior

What is the difference between an extension and a conservatory?

Conventionally, an extension is viewed as added floor space to a home whilst a conservatory is seen as a completely separate room that has limited uses. Over time, however, the lines have begun to blur and people may see this comparison as outdated as conservatory design has improved so much that it can be seen as a great way to add value and space to your Eggesford home.

A modern glass extension on a brick house featuring large, clear glass panels framed in black metal. The extension opens up to a beautifully landscaped garden with various plants and flowers. The interior of the extension includes a dining area with grey upholstered chairs and a large dining table. The house showcases a blend of contemporary design and natural elements, with an upper floor featuring additional glass elements and a spacious balcony.

Empower Your Home with A Glass Extensions

Transform your Eggesford living space with Renaissance Conservatories cutting-edge glass extensions. Our innovative designs combine structural glass walls, sleek roof panels, and expansive sliding doors to create breath-taking, light-filled rooms that seamlessly connect to the outdoors.

Maximise your propertys potential with our side infill extensions, turning neglected areas into stunning kitchen expansions or open-plan family havens. From dramatic double-storey designs to elegant three-sided glass boxes, our extensive range delivers both aesthetic appeal and superior functionality.

Take control of your homes future. With Renaissance Conservatories, you are not just extending your space – you are unlocking the full potential of modern living.

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Maximise Thermal Efficiency in Your Home

Experience the pinnacle of thermal performance with Renaissance Conservatories double-glazed products. Our designs exceed rigorous efficiency standards, creating supremely insulated spaces that effortlessly meet current building regulations.

Transform your living environment with our innovative solutions. Enjoy abundant natural light and a profound sense of wellbeing in all seasons. With our thermally superior designs you are not just extending your home – you are advancing into a future of unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency.

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Interior view of a modern glass extension attached to a brick house, featuring large clear glass panels framed in sleek black metal. The space includes a wooden dining table with grey upholstered chairs, and opens up to a beautifully landscaped garden with various plants and flowers. The scene is filled with natural light, highlighting the contemporary design and energy-efficient double-glazed windows.
Exterior view of a modern brick house with a sleek glass extension in South Devon. The extension features floor-to-ceiling glass panels framed in bold black metal, seamlessly integrating with the house's architecture. The surrounding garden is lush and vibrant with various plants and flowers. The bright sunlight highlights the contemporary design and energy-efficient double-glazed windows, reflecting the beauty of English summertime.

Craft Your Homes Distinct Identity

At Renaissance Conservatories, we put the power of design in your hands. Our extensive palette of finishes and colours allows you to create an extension thats truly one-of-a-kind.

Imagine sleek floor-to-ceiling glass in bold black frames, or choose custom-coloured frames that harmonise seamlessly with your existing architecture. We believe your home should reflect your individuality, which is why aesthetic excellence drives our design philosophy.

Shape your homes visual story. With Renaissance you are not just extending your space – you are making a personal statement that sets your property apart.

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Renaissance Conservatories Bifolds and Sliding Doors for Modern Extensions

Renaissance Conservatories presents a range of cutting-edge bifolds and sliding doors designed to transform your modern extension. Our high-performance slimline sliding doors boast outstanding energy efficiency, allowing you to create a comfortable, sustainable living environment.

For those who demand excellence, our premium sliding doors combine stunning aesthetics with top-tier performance and reinforced security features. Want to truly embrace the outdoors? Our bifold doors offer the widest possible openings, seamlessly merging your interior and exterior spaces.

With Renaissance Conservatories, you are not just installing doors – you unlock the full potential of your home. Take control of your living space and redefine modern living with our innovative solutions.

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At Renaissance Conservatories, we have worked on a wide variety of property upgrade projects across Devon. From installing stylish new conservatories in Torquay to replacing windows and doors in Exeter, all our work is to the highest possible standard. Get in touch today with our expert team who are on hand to answer any queries you may have. If you would like some inspiration for your next home improvement project, click on the boxes below to see some of our recently completed projects.

What Are the Benefits of Glazed Extensions in Eggesford?

Discover the advantages of glazed extensions for Eggesford homes. From increased living space to energy efficiency, these modern structures offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. Learn how they can transform your property and connect you with the outdoors.

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What are the main advantages of glazed extensions in Eggesford?

Glazed extensions in Eggesford offer numerous benefits, including increased floor space, a cost-effective glazing solution, energy efficiency, and a range of colours and styles. They blend modern elegance with practicality, suitable for both period cottages and contemporary terraces.

How do glazed extensions compare to traditional conservatories?

Glazed extensions represent a significant advancement over traditional PVCu conservatories. They utilise cutting-edge structural glazing, allowing for the creation of entire glass rooms. This modern approach can transform even the darkest and most confined areas of your home, offering a more versatile and contemporary living space.

Can I customise my glazed extension to match my existing property?

Yes, you can customise your glazed extension to blend seamlessly with your main property. Companies like Renaissance Conservatories offer a range of compatible windows and doors, allowing you to tailor your extension to your specific preferences and ensure it complements your homes existing architecture.

Is there a limit to how much glass I can have in an extension?

Yes, there are regulations regarding the amount of glass in an extension. Part L of the Building Regulations stipulates that the total area of glazed elements should not exceed 25% of the extensions floor area. Extensions exceeding this ratio are classified as over-glazed extensions and may require additional justification or face potential rejection.

How do glazed extensions impact property value in Eggesford?

Glazed extensions can significantly increase your propertys value in Eggesford. They not only add extra living space but also create a seamless connection between indoor areas and the outdoors. This modern feature is highly desirable and can make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

In what areas of South Devon do you offer glazed extensions?

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Renaissance replaced our old timber framed conservatory with a new pvc one, which incorporated a solid roof with velux windows. Ben ensured that the work was well project managed (including electricians and plasterers) and delivered in a timely manner. We are really pleased with the quality of the work and we now have a year round, fully useable family space.

Duncan Grant

Cannot fault any aspect

Mr Wilson

Totally and utterly thrilled with the whole process and end result

Mr Brewer

Just spending some time in the conservatory reading and wanted you to know how wonderful it is. It’s my little retreat in a sometimes noisy house! Thanks again for doing such a good job.

Mr Harris

I would like to thank you for the work carried out on my conservatory roof replacement. Not only does it look great, but it went very smoothly, no hassle. The workers were efficient, polite and very accommodating. Would recommend.

Mrs Pittam

Really thrilled with my orangery by Renaissance Conservatories

Miss Brown Denbury

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