When we were asked to help renovate a tired South Brent conservatory we were delighted to help. Mr and Mrs Van Der Kiste, were desperate to replace their old and leaky conservatory roof, and trusted us to accomplish their transformation.

Bathe your conservatory in light with a glass roof

It was important for Mr and Mrs Van Der Kiste to have as much natural light as possible in their conservatory. They were also keen that their new roof shouldn’t make their conservatory too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. With this in mind, we had no hesitation in recommending a stunning Liniar glass roof to them. Liniar glass roofs offer exceptional thermal and energy efficiency and really allow your conservatory to be flooded with warm sunlight.

An inviting environment just waiting to be enjoyed

Mr and Mrs Van Der Kiste, could not believe the change in their conservatory, and they love spending their spare time in it. Enjoying the sun during the day and marvelling at the stars at night. They are delighted that regardless of the local weather, they can use their conservatory not only all day, but every day!

Premier products with a professional installation

Our long-established history in their area, coupled with the guarantee we provide on our products and workmanship, made us the first choice for Mr and Mrs Van Der Kiste. Indeed, thy could not be more thrilled with their finished result saying we really “did an excellent job!”

If your conservatory roof needs replacing, why not get in contact with us today? Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to talk you through our product range. Alternatively, why not get an online quote? Just complete our simple form, upload a few photos of your current conservatory, and leave us to do the rest! It really couldn’t be easier.